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If you’re having difficulty turning your vehicle key in your car ignition, we can come to you and resolve the issue. There are many things that could cause this to happen, and certain vehicles have their own common causes and reasons as to why. 

Most importantly, aside from VR - VZ Holden Commodore, replacing the ignition is extremely uncommon and can nearly always be repaired on site to have you up and running again.

Once upon a time, organising ignition repair or ignition replacement was something which required a towing trip to the local car dealership. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary. Our mobile locksmith Sunshine Coast service comes to you with all the top-of-the-line equipment, parts and knowledge needed to carry out car ignition repairs and replacement.

It’s pretty common for car ignition failure to occur for various reasons so it is best to choose an experienced mobile ignition barrel locksmith for ignition barrel repair service.

So, for reliable car ignition repair services and car ignition replacement or ignition barrel repair, contact our friendly automotive locksmiths in Sunshine Coast.

key in car ignition after repairs
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