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Have you lost car keys to your car, have no spare car key, and need an emergency automotive locksmith to come out to you asap to replace your car keys by cutting you a replacement car key?

Don’t stress! We are the best lost car key locksmiths in Sunshine Coast and our highly experienced mobile locksmiths can be out to you in no time at all to cut a new car key for your vehicle pronto.

Our local car key specialists can also offer you a special discount if you decide to get a second (or multiple) vehicle key cut as a "just in case" spare car key while we are on-site!

We specialise in getting keys cut for all types of vehicles!

Aside from car key services, our mobile team also provide motorbike locksmith services and scooter locksmith services on the Sunshine Coast.

Unsure if we can replace your type of car key?

Don't worry, our Sunshine Coast locksmiths cut ALL types of vehicle keys. We are experts in cutting replacement car keys for all vehicle makes and models, including Japanese and European import vehicles.

We can provide Transponder key copy services, car key FOB replacement keys and Proximity key replacement, Smart key replacement, and Remote car key replacement.

What are Remote Car Keys?

Remote car keys are the standard, commonplace type of vehicle keys which most newer model cars come with (older models still use the traditional flat car key which has no battery). They use remote keyless systems to open the vehicle doors so you don’t need to turn the key inside the door lock, they provide central locking and are required to be inserted into the ignition to start the vehicle. For car remote replacement near you, contact our mobile locksmiths.

What are Proximity Keys?

Proximity keys or Prox keys, are a type of small Smart FOB Key which enables keyless entry and keyless ignition where you just need to push a button instead of inserting the car key. They go by a variety of other names as well: Intelligent Key, Keyless Access, Keyless Entry, Keyless Go, Push Button Start, Push-to-Start, Smart Key. We can help with all your proximity key replacement needs.

What are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys have a control chip inside of their units which are a vital part of a vehicle’s security system, and provide an extra level of anti-theft security. When the key is turned in the vehicle’s ignition, the chip communicates to the immobiliser of your vehicle, turning off the car security and letting it start. Transponder keys drastically minimise the chance of a vehicle being stolen. If you need a transponder key copy we can be of service.

Contact our vehicle locksmiths on the Sunshine Coast for prompt service at your location!

Get in touch for lost car key replacement or ask for more information about our other auto car locksmith services, or scooter and motorbike locksmith services. We also offer second spare car key cost discounts if you opt to get a second spare car key cut.

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