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Need Replacement Transponder Car Keys or a Transponder Key Copy?


Nearly all vehicles produced from 1998 onward, will have a transponder chip in the key. What’s a transponder chip?


Unlike what many people believe, transponder keys are NOT the car remote you use to unlock your vehicle.


While a transponder key and car remote use the same underlying tech, transponder keys are not the same as remote unlocking. They’re actually two completely different features, but people often get them mixed up which is understandable.


Grab your car keys and examine them. Is the end of your keys, the section you insert into the ignition, exposed metal, or does the car key have a black plastic knob covering the end?


If it has a plastic knob, chances are it’s most likely a transponder key.


How Do Transponder Keys Work?

A transponder chip is a small, radio frequency powered (in most cases) chip, that sits in the head of your key. When the key is inserted and/or turned in your ignition, the chip communicates to the immobiliser of your vehicle found in the engine, turning off the security and allowing your vehicle to start.


Unlike traditional, old style car keys, transponder car keys offer an additional layer of vehicle security. Not only do the grooves on the keys match up to the ignition, the transponder codes also match up to the what’s been programmed for your specific vehicle.


This type of car key allows your car to run while preventing the ability to bypass the car’s ignition interlock. A method known as hot wiring (which you probably will have seen performed in many action movies), which allows the vehicle to start without a key.


The chip MUST be programmed specifically to the vehicle that it’s required to start. This is achieved via diagnostics equipment of some degree and transponder chips that are already programmed to one vehicle CANNOT be used to start any other vehicle.


This tech has helped reduce incidents of car theft significantly.


Have your Transponder Car Keys been Lost or Stolen?


In the event your transponder key has been lost or stolen, we can provide you with a new transponder key copy if you’d like an extra set, or program replacement transponder car keys to replace your lost car keys if you’ve no spare.  


For replacement transponder car keys, arrange an onsite visit from our mobile automotive locksmith today.

replacement transponder car keys in palm of hand
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